Goods Lift / Platform Elevator

BD Lift's new Goods Lift for the transportation of goods between floors up to 12 metres and a maximum of six landings, is supplied for assembly against a wall or as a standalone unit with a self-supporting construction. The lift is designed and equipped with components of a very high quality.

The Goods Lift is available in five different models:

Modell HLP1
Goods Lift with 1 mast, max capacity 2000 kg

Modell HLP2A
Goods Lift with 2 adjacent masts, max capacity 3000 kg

Modell HLP2B
Goods Lift with 2 opposing masts, max capacity 5000 kg

Modell HLP4
Goods Lift with 4 masts, max capacity 10000 kg

Modell HLPF
Standalone model with self-supporting construction, max capacity 1500 kg